MTA Overview

Looking for a first step toward building a successful career in technology? Microsoft Technology Associate is the way to differentiate technology competency and explore academic and career options.

Microsoft and Certiport team up to bring you this entry-level credential that validates essential technology knowledge. MTA makes it easy for schools to deliver technology education through a simple, convenient, and affordable suite of entry-level certification exams.

The MTA certification program is good for educators and students, as well as their institutions. Educators are empowered with easy-to-use Internet-based testing, students get the opportunity to earn a Microsoft certification right in the classroom, and institutions stand out as innovative technology curriculum providers.


Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Objective Domains


Windows Operating System Fundamentals
EXAM 98-349
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Software Development Fundamentals
EXAM 98-361
Download Exam Objective
HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
EXAM 98-375
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Introduction to Programming with Block-Based Languages
EXAM 98-380
 Download Exam Objective
Database Fundamentals
EXAM 98-364
 Download Exam Objective
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
EXAM 98-365
 Download Exam Objective
Networking Fundamentals
EXAM 98-366
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Security Fundamentals
EXAM 98-367
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Windows Devices and Mobility Fundamentals
EXAM 98-368
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Cloud Fundamentals:
EXAM 98-369
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